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Shoulders are one of those muscle groups that can make or break a truly impressive physique — alright, maybe they aren’t that crucial and maybe even after doing the best shoulder exercises in the world, you might not have an amazing physique, but having broad and well defined shoulders will definitely not hurt.

Best Shoulder Exercise For Mass
Barbell Military Press
Definitely an exercise in a league of it’s own when it comes to your shoulders. This one probably seems like the most obvious of the bunch, but that is because it really is one of the best shoulder exercises you can do.
With a grip slightly wider than shoulder width, press the barbell from your upper chest straight above your head and stop just shy of locking your elbows. Slowly return back to your upper chest but do not “set” the bar on your chest or rest there.

Best Shoulder Exercise For Definition
Arnold Press
Another well known exercise is the Arnold Press. What I like most about this movement is that it targets the front and side of your delts, giving your shoulders nice definition.
With your palms towards your face and holding onto a set of dumbbelss, press upward while simultaneously rotating the dumbbells 180º. When you start your pinkies would be touching (if it weren’t for the dumbbells) and when you end your index fingers would be touching over your head. Slowly return back to starting position.

Best Shoulder Exercise For Strength
Handstand Shoulder Press
Yes, I’ve saved the best for last! Unlike the rotator cuff routine, this is to test your manliness. I wish I could say I had the strength and balance to do this free-standing, but I cannot – at least not yet.
Start out doing a handstand with the heels of your feet on a wall — I suggest taking off your shoes but still wearing socks so that you can slide your heels up and down the wall. One way that I am working my way towards not needing the wall is that I try not to use it the whole time I’m doing the exercise – only when I need to.
“Simply” press so that your arms are almost locked, but not quite, and then slowly lower yourself back down until your head barely touches the floor — try not to rest there!
Note: I highly recommend that you find the exercises that work best for you and do not hurt your shoulders. We all have a slightly different range of motion and that will allow some to do exercises without putting a ton of stress on their shoulders while someone else couldn’t.

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