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When it comes to chest definition, many are lagging in terms of their upper chest. Now, the age old debate of whether it is possible to isolate the upper chest carries on. One side says that it is impossible to isolate parts of your pectorals while the other says that you can. In my opinion, it is important to establish a middle ground, i.e. it may not be possible to FULLY isolate different parts of your chest but it is possible to focus more on particular parts. For example, if you are doing an incline press, you will be working your entire chest but you can focus more on contracting the upper part of your chest. This is a concept known as the mind muscle connection. In order to bring out lagging body parts, establishing a mind muscle connection can prove vital. The following is a sample of, what I think is, the best chest workout for definition to bring out maximum separation and shredded pecs.

The Ultimate Chest Routine
This is a routine that I have compiled to add definition and separation between my pecs as well as to bring out my lagging upper chest. This routine will be intense, and involves the use of pyramid sets and drop sets. The reps will be in the range of 10-12 focusing on hypertrophy. In order to keep heart rate up aim for rest periods under 45 seconds. I always start my chest workouts with push ups. I do about 4 sets of 20 reps each. This gets the blood pumping and lets my body know what body part I will be working.

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